Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The GOP, the IRS, where's the scandal?

The Republicans parade a bunch of tea bags in to tell how the jack boot was on their throat, scared for their lives one said, the IRS was really after them.  Republicans on the committee cooed softly for the suffering then bellowed some accusations about something, no one knows what.

Lets review so far what they have found.  The IRS sent these guys who pretend to be a social charity bur are really not, questions to answer.  There it is, one guy said he got a list of 90 questions, and and he was scared for his life.  No shit.  That happened to me all through high school, every damn day in math.  Then they had to wait for months, sometimes for years.  Like a bunch of fucking war vets waiting for treatment, or an inventor waiting on a patent, it took months, long long constitutionally eroding months.

One thing you have not heard yet, and for good reason, this 20th or 30th (I lost count) worse than Watergate event has not been declared an actual crime by the GOP.  They are not saying the law was broken.  So far nothing indicates a law was broken and they know it.  But, now I read (somewhere shit I forgot where) that more non tea bag groups were sent life threatening questions than tea bag groups, GOP didn't call them in.  Cause..... it's a show.


  1. There is not one thing these people do that is not thought out beforehand and then orchestrated. Another thing our side can't get and they are very good at it.

  2. Ah yes, the ol' paper chase mass-a-cree. I may be wrong on this, but isn't that what the IRS is SUPPOSED to do...make sure no individual...corporation...organization is CHEATING on their taxes? WTF?????

    And the truth is...EVERY one of these groups HAS a political agenda...period.

  3. Amen to all....

    Oh, doing great.


  4. Glad Sarge is doin' great and so are u and ur not going unnoticed . One fly makes a key point that can be overcome only by the consistent and persistent truth, keeping in mind the Truth is the right, not the other way around!

  5. Sounds like the IRS was doing their job. The fact that some groups had to wait for years for a determination is nothing new. A local historical society waited for a couple years before getting their tax-free status and that was many years ago before the staff cuts due to budget cuts to the IRS.

  6. Thanks all, I read now the count is about 45 tea bag groups were in the 150 or so groups sent these scary scary lists of questions. When ask about it one of the Democrat leaning groups said he didn't feel threatened during the year it took for the process. The Dems on the committee could had a chance to call witnesses such as this person, but called none, "what for" one remarked.


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