Monday, June 24, 2013

Redistrict, dump gerrymandering, simple and fair

Congressional districts look like snakes, dragons, many link little groups of houses by the right of way of a highway like a thread with knots in it.  The purpose is to peel out races and classes or ethnics so they can never effect an election.
Here's the fix.
1. District boundaries must follow or parallel county, township or school or fire district borders.
For reason of simplicity here lets say the county is square.  If the populace required to balance districts forced adjustments (as they almost always will) to add or subtract from the district it must be done in this way:
2. The district is simply enlarged uniformly in all directions (puff up the square one street further perhaps in a city) to achieve the population needed.  It may not be notched and hacked in odd shapes or encompass specific groups.
3. Should a county be home to multiple districts then it is divided in half perhaps or in a grid then one expanded the other shrunk to reach parity following rule #1.

It is thought that in Congress, 3/4 of them are in safe seats, and most of those are due to gerrymandering.  This is not democracy of the voters but prevention of democracy by state party bosses and state houses.  This is why, in 2014, the GOP with it's extremist positions and approval in the low teens, will return nearly every congressmen, as will many of the Dems.  Unless gerrymandering is changed, we will not see much change until near the next census, by that time some areas see population shifts that shake up a few seats.

Discuss among yourselves.

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  1. Darrel,
    Gerrymandering may well leave the House in Republican hands for the next election. However, this immigration bill is going to have a huge impact on the Senate especially in the southwestern US. Here is my theoiry - the immigration bill is already having trouble in the House and McConnell in the Senate is intent on his pledge of, "We will grant this new president no success". So, expect a filibuster.
    Are there enough GOP votes to break a filibuster? I think so. However, you have to factor in the backlash from the bagger right.
    But, back to the House - Boehner wants a majority or the majority to move forward with the bill. He isn't going to get that and the blame will fall at the feet of him and the baggers.
    I am waiting until after Labor Day at the horse track to talk to the Democrats. Alas, I don't have the money to run but I am going to be a voice. Perhaps, a loud voice....



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