Thursday, June 27, 2013

This chalk note on a sidewalk got a man arrested

The arrest record states it was a "derogatory remark about the Governor".  Seems like a fact followed by a suggestion.  Apparently in Pennsylvania saying someone has healthcare is a hate crime.


  1. The fucking thought police at work.

    So aside from the fact that derogatory is somewhat subjective, how is this statement derogatory, Mr. Asswipe policeman?

    1. J,
      Then my old ass ought be be in jail for the emails I sent that asshole we have in the House.

      New blog:

      Follow me there...


  2. Seems to me you nailed it, Fringe. A statement of fact followed by an opinion - and a valid opinion at that. I hope if it ever gets to court that the judge tells Mister Policeman to take his piece of paper and use it appropriately to wipe his own ass.

  3. Before living here in The Homeland, I used to live in this country called the United States, and we could talk shit about the government all we wanted, it was even a law.
    Pretty nice place while it lasted.


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