Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Babyboomers, radioactive teeth are kill'n ya.

From the end of WWII and for 20 years the richest nations of the world set off hundreds of above ground nuclear and hydrogen bombs.  Atmospheric tests they were called.  These created and set free on the whole world a number of radioactive compounds.  Even  some underground tests failed to prevent further releases.
Scientist at the time were thought to know something, and were taken seriously.  They sounded the alarm and test band treaties were agreed on. 

Radioactive Strontium-90 is one of those by products.  There were others, and all are cancer causing as they decay in the body damaging DNA in various organs.  Strontium-90 is deposited in bones and teeth.  It arrives through breathing it in, as well as drinking milk, and if the mother has it’s passed to the babies bones.  The only time it can get into teeth, where it lasts longer due to the enamel shell it’s in, is during teeth formation.  Babyboomers were in their teeth growing years during this period. 

Scientist found as the 60’s arrived milk around the world had dangerous levels, and cancer rates climbed suddenly among the population, and something unusual up to then, kids were getting cancer. 

The estimate is, so far, over 100 million around the world have been killed by fallout of weapon testing during the cold war, as well as nuclear power plants which also release small traces.  Most of it in the atmosphere is now at lower levels of decay, but it is still killing those who carry it in their teeth.

There is a book about this, Radioactive Baby Teeth: The Cancer Link, by Joseph J. Mangano.  In it he discovered there are samples of teeth kept around the world by different groups, and by these teeth they can tell when you were born according to where on the bell curve your Strontium-90 content is.  Teeth containing higher levels of it tend to belong to people who have higher death rate from cancer.

So, we baby boomers formed our teeth from poison air and milk while sleeping next to our wind up radium glow in the dark alarm clocks, and cancer is our life, any wonder.  But we didn’t know it.  Science did, and they told, but even Kennedy when told of it, ask “so it rains it, it rains this stuff on us?”, he looked troubled they said, but he approved further testing.  Treaties take time, the machine moved at the speed that benefited it not us, and duck and cover is as good a defense against Strontium-90 then as now.   
Today we know that C14, one of the types of CO2, comes from burning fossil fuel.  It is a radioactive compound in decay.  It is why we know atmospheric CO2 increase is caused by man and our activities not something random.  The other types of CO2 and this one, can be separated and counted in any sample.  C14 is the one that increases, and has been  since the industrial revolution.  And it is mildly radioactive, and it can stay aloft for 200 years.  We breath it, it’s in our food.  It’s part of the cocktail of chemicals and toxins and radioactive compounds that evolution did not foresee in time to adapt to, enjoy.
This week it was announced that Pacific Tuna carries a type of radiation poison strong enough that a man eating one serving serving can within 4 hours ejaculate sperm containing 300% increase in this isotope.  This isotope can be traced to the Japanese Fukishima release.  (pay attention girls, I would ask for a recent accounting of the fish diet before I bed down)  (the article did not say if eating tuna and ejaculating could be a  tactic for enjoying seafood, good health and to make glow in the dark – eh – stuff)   But seriously, their will be no warning label or removal from market, that could harm commerce.
So what's the point of all this?  As soon as it becomes evident that industry or military are harming our health and safety it has to be fought against with as much time and effort as you can swing and that is best done by telling your story and gathering others to the cause.  We have to either outlaw some of the toxins around us, or find a way not to consume them and starve the makers of them.


  1. Here I am with my balls glowing in the dark and you do a post about radiation poisoning?
    Which has always made me wonder - what was I exposed to in those radar facilities that I worked in? Two GCA's and three mobile rapcons along with another three fixed radar approach controls.

    The issue I am going to address is Agent Orange and my cancer - I know they used that heerbicide on the perimeter at U-Tapao. The place had a good 2000 ft area clear of vegetation between two lines of fences.
    Plus I think they might have actually sprayed the weeds around the mobile radar approach control to keep the grass down. Amazingly, it didn't seem to bother the cobra who crawled up on the concrete to sun...

    No more post about radiation!


    1. Ron, you have more power to speak to these issues than any of us at this moment. Do not ignore the possibility that your letters or calls against any and all possible forms of cancer in our diet, yards, homes, atmosphere can carry more force in persuasion than most anyone elses.
      Use the tools you have been given, or saddled with, but use them! The world was not suppose to be poison.

  2. My dad worked most of his adult life at the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant in Oak Ridge Tennessee, and got a medallion to commemorate his work on the nukes after WWII. We lived twelve miles downstream from some of the weapons facilities in Oak Ridge, and that's where our drinking water came from.
    Think that might explain why half the people I grew up with have had some form of cancer in their lifetimes?

    Shit. It's amazing I don't have luminescent jism...

    1. Squatlo, glow in the dark jism, hmmm, I suppose there could be some uses for that. I suspect that the higher rates of cancer in the area surrounding and downstream of Oak Ridge are linkable to the product.


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