Monday, June 3, 2013

Bitumen bitumen bitumen, not oil, bitumen.

XL Keystone Pipeline hits another snag and tries a trick.  The pipe will carry bitumen from Alberta Canada to the  Gulf coast where it will be refined and exported.  We get the risk of destruction of farmland and water reserves, we get the refinery pollution, someone else gets the fuel and the profits.
*Snag: The State Department Inspector General is looking into the firm that did the analysis (yea, it was privatized, farmed out).  Turns out they have ties to some of the oil industry including some of the players in this drama in Canada and the US.
*Trick: XL Pipeline boys have hired an old friend of John Kerry to lobby the State Department for the pipe.

Note:  The product being shipped is bitumen, not oil, do not call it oil.  Bitumen is technically not oil, it is a heavy chemical and mineral laden tar like gunk requiring higher energy consumption (than oil) to refine into oil products and producing copious residue and slag infused with toxins and posing a disposal issue, like nuclear fuel and coal ash, the public usually gets misled about the volume danger and location of this crap and eventually picks up the tab for it.

The fossil fuel tar sands guys along with the conservative PM of Canada are trying to push an additional pipe to the Pacific coast somewhere near Vancouver.  But.......
 *Last month the Indian Nations who's land it would traverse said no, and they will fight and use civil commotions to prevent it crossing sacred ground.
*Last week the British Columbia government also said no to the pipe, citing their is no evidence the pipeline company has the equipment, manpower, plans or ability to prevent, contain or clean up oil spills of any size.
*The Canada government can still proceed, but to do so would cause so much political friction it is believed these two events may doom that pipe.

Now, all hope is on Keystone and it's 35, (not several thousand as claimed) permanent jobs.  Yes 35, think about it, it runs it's self, remote controlled valves and pumps, a couple guys monitor the whole thing on a computer screen, and one or two guys at 12 pump booster stations along the way.


  1. My major concern is the auquifer. I thought Obama was seeking a rerouting of the pipelinee around that.


    1. I don't know about that Ron. But the Obama Tar Sands Pipeline will still run through farmland and cross hundreds if not thousands of water ways from rivers to brooks. Most breaks occur their due to hydraulic pressures. Once in the water it don't stay put, it goes to Ducks Unlimited land.

  2. I don't understand why we don't move away permanently from fossil fuels. There is no need for a "bridge" as they say in the natural gas adds that let us know that "fracking" is ok.

    Cars run on electricity quite well. I have a 2006 Prius that is Electric and Gas and get 50 miles to the gallon without even trying. (If I am really careful I can get around 55-57)

    If the will was there we could be out of the gas/oil game in a few years. I was really hoping that the President would lead the charge on this.

    Let's stop fighting these wars in the Middle East and let Canada refine their own oil before they sell it outside of North America


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