Friday, June 14, 2013

Vortex becomes Vortices and we get a wobble job

The picture on the left is the Arctic with the vortex that is always up there.  A cold high altitude low pressure cyclone that lives there spinning and venting the earths heat into space during the long winter darkness.  The south pole has the same thing.
This last winter starting in January warm air rising out of the ever growing ice free Arctic ocean built up a high air mass that then compressed down from weight and the shit was just awful, and it blew the vortex apart and set two vortices loose, wobbling ungainly around the north they dumped record snows in Siberia, some parts of Europe, multiple storms over North America, and set a winter cyclone off near Japan with waves of 60 feet.  From what I read this has never happened before and climate scientist say this is like finding a dead clown in the woods, its really creepy.

Best part of the story, air masses can pile up against the stratosphere and actually have a weight and compression factor.  Jeese science is fun.


  1. Try and sell that to Jim Inhofe (R-Ok).

    Great post.


    1. Screw him, he's more likely to assume room temperature before he admits he is wrong.


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