Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Supremes sing the blues

Day 2 of the Supreme show. Yesterday the Court said that the White girl denied entrance to UT needed more lower court attention on this, she claimed affirmative action kept her out, a dirth of good grades kept her lazy ass out, one of 5 whites and 45 blacks denied that year in a school of 40ish thousand. Kennedy said colleges should be using other means as well on this. Mixed message but it does screw down affirmative action a bit. She was not a good student, UT entrance is low as compared across the nation. The other two people of note that were turned down at UT........George Bush 41, Carl Rove. That is a fact, 100%. Then I think the other two decisions were bad news. Descrimination in the work place, It is now harder to sue, few cases will make it to court. The conservatives voted in lock step saying you cannot sue for harassment if the person doing it is not a supervisor with the power to hire and fire. Shit the work place is full of bosses who can't fire you but can make you life a hell as well as recommend you to be fired even if he can't. The other case is religious concerning a Muslim doctor turned down, there again the worker was sent packing, the corporation has all the cards. Today, come some more decisions as the conservatives drag us back to the company town model of business.


  1. Blogger is starting to piss me off. This new template will not let me break paragraphs out above, I can hit return, hit the space bar, then hit publish and still no paragraph separation.

  2. Did you try going to html and doing separation there?? Sometimes when I post a picture I can't write anything for my post until I do a some words in html.


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