Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bombshell Study Finds Drinking Water Near Fracking Wells Contaminated With Methane

Bombshell Study Finds Drinking Water Near Fracking Wells Contaminated With Methane

Click on and read that little article above, and try to understand this;
Natural Gas gives off 50% of the CO2 of coal. (sounds good until you know more)
Methane is 105 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2.
35% of the oil and gas wells in the world leak methane.
Fracking is raising the number of leakable wells potentially to over 1 million in the US.
It only takes a 1% methane leak to wipe away the natural gas advantage over coal.
Cement plugs (to contain leaks around the well head) breaks down over time.
Methane leaks will grow worse as wells age.
20 years from now no oil company is going to wake up and say, oh lets fix those old wells, it's the right thing to do.
President Obama has this one completely wrong, he has been misled or suckerd by the fracking fossil fuel industry.  Worse, he is helping the industry export this techonology and knowhow to countries all over the world.  Rather than a solution, this is an accelerant to global warming.  Call or email the white house and tell him he has it wrong.


  1. Illinois just authorized a big fracking operation in the Wabash Valley Basin and farmers are getting rich. Lets see how this plays out.


    1. It will play out just as the model used in the middle east and africa has. Oil companies and royalty owners get rich and corrupt the local political machine with money and in return gain disproportionate influence and protection. The natural resources are exploited at the cost of air and water, adjacent natives not in the royalty stream will see a reduction in quality of life and health. The model is a well used one, and has worked like a charm everywhere it's been tried.


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