Thursday, June 20, 2013

Me, I'm an investment genius.

If I told you an investment of $13,000 could make so much money you would break even in 1 year and 3 months, and for the next 20 years you can pocket around $8k, are you interested?  Thats over a thousand percent profit.   Your going to be interested, but for some of us we can't get or won't risk $13K.

How about $13 dollars then at the same rate of profit?

Off the side of the bathroom is a walk-in closet, the wife wants it like noon on the sun.  75 watt blazing,  and if she is in the bathroom it's usually on, and gets left on a good 3 hours a day at a bulb plus electric cost of roughly $9 a year plus heat.  I read the best LED light is CREE 9.5 watt 800 lumen 2700k color bulb.  Home Depot has it at $12.95, (do not get the 400 lumen 9.5 watt for 3 dollars less unless your a bat, its too soft) make sure it's 800 lumen.

Unlike CF's and the one other LED I tried, this CREE lights that room exactly as the incandescent did, bright, warm, instant on and silent, the box says it's a 60w replacement, but it is identical to the 75.  In 15 months I break even, after that I save at least $8 (bulb and power cost) a year for the next 22 years and changing bulb every couple years is finished.  84% savings in energy and carbon.  Screw the fossil fuel industry.  I'm a genius at investing.

If these lights go into a higher use fixture, the savings is faster and greater.  I will be adding more as the old ones fizzle out.  1/3 to 1/2 of our electric use is lights, lowering that lighting portion by 84% ain't to shabby.

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