Sunday, June 30, 2013

power company to copy GOP pricing plan

Well, there are going to be some more LED lights in my future, sooner than planned.
 Here in Klansas the GOP under Pope Brownback has gutted schools, aid for poor, infirm, handicap, fishing lakes and parks, arts, the list is long.  The taxes shifted to the poor.  Make minimum wage and you will pay a few dollars more, make over 200k and you got a 4,500 cut. Farm income and most business income is now tax free.  That was such a good idea, the utility will adopt it.

Today it is announced my electric company will ask for a new rate schedule using the GOP dump on the 98% model.  Residential and the smallest of business users get a 6 to 10% increase, large users a 16% decrease.  The reasoning, this will cause more businesses to move to Klansas, and we all get rich.  Well, I was going to wait for some incandescent bulbs to burn out before I replaced them, not now, screw these guys.

Cree, 9.5 watt, 2700 color, 800 lumens, about $13 at Home depot, if it's on 4 hours a day payback is about a year, after that your ahead and the power company can pound sand up their ass for all I care.


  1. Darrel,
    I am on one of those budget plans with the power company and they just recalculated my budget charge and dropped the monthy bill by $25. I rarely use the air condiitioner - I have three fans, one big one in the living room, a smaller one in my dining room/office, and a real small one in the bedroom.
    And, I told you about Vectern coming in and changing out all of my light bulbs and putting in the new shower head and fuckiing with my kitchen sink faucet.


  2. Glad to hear it, you are saving thats for sure. Here the city in a bid to save water is offering a $100 rebate if you buy low water consumption washer or dishwasher. We already replaced the dishwasher with a super stingy one, but the washer is old as hell, we might go for it, plus the same washers that use less water also use less energy too, thats a good thing too.


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