Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DOMA out - but 4 wanted full discrimination

DOMA struck down.  A defeat for the US congress.  The Obama administration would not defend it at the Supreme Court, the Congress hired attorneys to defend it.  This was a defeat for the GOP Congress.
But a narrow one, 4 on SCOTUS voted to continue hostile treatment and deny protection of a significant portion of our population.

Now I am going to state something that may offend some, I hope not, I have no intent to do so.  Atrazine, a herbicide many of us throw around the yard like syrup on a pancake is known to cause gender confusion and even transformation in animals.  For Christ sake, even polar bears have been found to suffer gender confusion and contain trace atrazine.  There are other crop chemicals showing signs of the same effect.  It appears there are a growing population of gay people.  I like gay people.  I shared a long friendship with a Germany lesbian, I doubt many of you can relate but we double dated, ran around together, had contests in bars who could pick up a chick first.  Later, in Baltimore I shared an apartment with a gay x priest, nice guy, he made money taking nude pictures of models, I helped, held the lights, boy did I like those gigs.  He did his thing, I mine, we had a lot of fun.  We have to cut back on chemical use.  It is not a good thing, it may even be contributing to these issues, I don't say it is not thier choice, I don't know, just lay off the round-up and fertilizer, it's not free, someone somewhere pays.  If chemicals are "making" more in the population gay I don't fear that, but I do think the cocktail of toxins we live in harms us and needs turned off.

Shame on the 4 rednecks on the bench.


  1. I agree about chemicals being bad, but I am doubting there is a growing population of gay people. What we are probably seeing is a growing number of gay people who feel comfortable coming out now that public opinion is shifting positively toward gay rights. At any rate, a great day for America and for love! But yes, those 4 are still a potent force on the court, especially taking into consideration yesterday's ruling on the VRA.

    1. Mauigirl, your probably right. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Point of clarification. The photographs my friend took were for modeling portfolio's, they often contained one or two nudes or semi-nudes. Tasteful I assure you.

    1. I have often wrote about my old neighbors in Indianpolis - and, I have always asked - "How does gay marriage affect you"? If Steve and Jimmy wanted to get married - I would proudly stand up at that wedding!
      Leave them people alone! They aren't bothering you!

      I think these last two decisions were designed to make up for the court's shameful ruling on voter rights.


    2. Ron, Maybe Kennedy tried to make up, but the other conservatives couldn't get it out of their craw.
      As for GOP types some bragged up the voting rights being killed, but not too many are throwing a fit about todays loss. At the same time the progressives are both pissed about yesterday big big time pissed, and happy about todays with plans to push against states like my Klansas. I think the court both gave the left the anger to fight and the thrill of victory to fight. Time will tell if we can use the gift given.


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