Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Pricks Win

Yesterday the Senate Armed Services Committee  rejected removing sexual assault cases from the military’s chain of command.  Unless this is reversed or defeated on the floor, the rapes will continue until morale improves.


  1. Darrel,
    No, what they did was to maintain the ability of the convening officer in a court martial to modify, lessen, or set aside the sentence of the accused. This all started with that LT Col at Aviano who banged a quest in his home who was passed out drunk. He was convicted of rape and sentenced to ONE year and dismissal from the Air Force. Well, a AF two star vacated the sentence. That was where the uproar started - undue command influence on court martials.
    Okay let me flip the coin here - Airman First Class Joey Doright is Airman of the Year for SAC and maybe has a shot at officer candidate school.
    Doright is in love with this hot little red head they party hard and fuck like minks and finally he comes back to base and is taken into arrest by the sky cops and is charged with Article 86 UCMJ. He refuses the Article 15 claiming that he was possibly drugged by the said object of his deires that evening. The OSI investigates and finds nothing.
    A Summary Court Martial sentences Doright to reductiin in grade to E-1, restriction to bses for fourteen days and fourteen days extra duty.
    The base commander knowa that Doright is a good kid who fucked up (as Squaltlo - pussy can make you crazy) and gives the man his stripes back.
    Ssgt Hart - That Darrel, is how Article 60 UCMJ is designed to operate.
    Sadly, the "old boy" network is still alive in the Air Force officer corps - You or me would have done the same thing - Our ass would have been in the stockade at Mannheim.

    Note: The Lt Colonel in question was passed up for promotion to full colonel (O-6).


  2. Note:
    Article 86 is AWOL.
    Good example of charges of AWOL being cancelled - wife having twins sixty miles away.
    That was my trainee in the rapcon at Grissom.

    We had a prick squadron commander but the noise over this scared the asshole 1st Sergeant. We had limp dicks in the CATCO office.

    No controlling assholes...



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