Thursday, June 20, 2013

Somebody killed another of your freedoms today.

Supreme Court continued it's 100% support for corporations over citizens.  Todays decision says the legal tiny print on your contract that says you can't sue instead the company your contesting will appoint the arbitrator of their choice should you find out they're fucking you, that will stand, your day in court will never happen.
Not only is this true for consumers, but for small businesses.  They test case was small business owners verse American Express to do with disputes in payments.  Sorry guys, the court says American Express is big and important and your little and don't matter, shut up, go away.

The last two cars I bought had that paragraph in it, that if they lied and cheated with a shit product I couldn't go to court but take the arbitrator's solution.  I strike right through that paragraph and sign my name over the top of it and "NO".  Both times they looked totally surprised but accept it and we move on.

While some worry about NSA FBI and CIA stealing your freedoms and rights, it's corporations that are doing it, their gathering the data on us at a hundred fold the rate of the government.  The oligarchs got stronger today, the transfer of wealth to them can continue to accelerate.

UPDATE: further reading indicates the decision may be directed at preventing people/small businesses from banding together for a suit.  If true, this benefits corporations even more, they can drag you out, you cannot afford the time or money to go against them alone.

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  1. The fine print at the bottom of contracts has always been a mystery to me. I click on the "I agree" box whenever I download a software product or join an on-line service without reading the legalese, and I'm sure one of these days they'll come to me with signed proof that I've given them the rights to my first born male child.



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