Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kansas, where the poor pay their share, and mine.

Thursday Pope Brownback signed the return to feudal economy law.  Works like this:
*Make $25K, income tax cut is $50 dollars, less than a half percent.
*Make over 250K, income tax cut is almost $4,500, about 3.4%.
*Most farm income and most corporations tax is zero.
*Sales tax cut from 5.7% to 5.6%, food exemption was removed at last minute.
*Education slashed (as every year since he arrived) and college employees and teach staff have a salary cap, no further raises permitted.  (Exception, college coaching)
*School systems may not sue or lobby the state for increases or disputes using state funds, so now they all need to set up multiple bank accounts depending on income source, more expense, more chance for fraud.

Earlier this session they made a law that federal police cannot take a gun from anyone in Kansas, I'm waiting for the city cops to arrest the FBI when they take a gun from a bank robber.  The method of appointing judges was the BAR vetted and put names to a Senate committee who narrowed it to 2 or 3 then the Gov. chose one, now the whole thing is in the Popes hand, he alone picks judges, the only vetting will be litmus testing.  Then there is the privatization of driving license processing, you still go to the state run office, they put the info in the computer, but everything is done in Minnesota, laid off the department thad did it in Topeka, all of them, but the company that runs it has the system so hosed up the licensening and title offices are closed some days, once for 7 or 8 days straight, tags and titles are not getting delivered, but corporations can do it better.

It's a cruel joke on Kansas individual tax payers, the amount you pay the state is deducted off what you pay the feds, so save nothing and this actually helps pay down the fed. debt.  They are helping Obama.  And if your a business owner with residence out of state you now have to pay that state on the income from Kansas, which helps those states.
All that tax cutting, well the state had a surplus when he got here, it is already in debt and this is suppose to cut billions in tax income at the same time bring in billions extra.  HOW?  A few corporations may want to come here for zero tax, but they just gutted education and most companies frown on that, unless they run on the feudal economy model.


  1. Is Kansas having some sort of competition with Tennessee for dumbest legislation? If so, it's too close to call.

    1. Mister O,
      Don't ferget Mike Pence and those morons in Indianapolis.


    2. I think there are a half dozen red states in the running neck and neck in the race to the bottom.


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