Friday, June 7, 2013

The shame down under

Australia in an about face on the environment, at an astonishing pace by a new conservative government aligned with the massive coal and mining industries.
*Carbon tax on coal in place for a year or so will be repealed in the next few days.
*Recently installed wind turbines are going to be torn down, the first one is being toppled today, a coal plant will be built on it's site.  The conservatives say this will save 50 cents a month on electric bills.
*Credits for energy efficiency improvements canceled.
*Science and education about the environment is being attacked.
*Treaties are being reviewed, if they smell of clean energy or green goals, they might be cancelled.
****Today another international NGO environmental group closed it's office, will stop direct work in Australia.  Other NGO's already left citing an utter impossibility of overcoming the steamroller back to dirty energy and pollution sweeping the political landscape the last few months, all progress was lost overnight.

 We saw it happen quietly in Canada 2 years ago.  The oil industry now runs that nation through the conservatives, last year entire science departments were fired within the government, one alone had 250, the guys that studied tundra and ice and weather in the north, 100% gone.   They have pulled out of a number of treaties and at recent international meetings have become a problem, objecting, foot dragging, eating up time, creating failure.

Two very green nations yanked back by greed, oil, ignorance, complacency, and in a matter of months.  If the Republicans and Oligarchs get control of the White House or both chambers, this also is our future.


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    1. OF: I really believe conservatives cannot turn back the march to cleaner energy sources. But, they very well may cripple the effort, slow it to a crawl. If this happens it will be a disaster on top of the disaster.

  2. Follow the money: KOCH industries.
    Guess who's buying up communication companies?
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Koch's are not going to go down without some big wins for their side. THey are getting old, but no doubt they will prove the saying right, the good die young.


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