Tuesday, June 4, 2013

your iphone can tell you if the product sucks

I don't have an iphone.  But if you do google buycott.  Buycott is an app that turns your iphone into a corporate and product tattletale.  You photo the little coded ticktaktoe square thingy on the package and bang, your phone tells you if Koch owns this brand of paper plates, or if it's Monsanto frankenfood, or  or if the maker shits on people, or if there is a call for a boycott and why.  Maybe your a republican, this will indicate to you if this is the union hating polluters you want to enrich.  It's a win win.

They will have it for us non iphone people in a few months.  Check it out, and start shopping like its a fight for the nation, vote with your dollars.

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