Thursday, October 3, 2013

A beautiful death in a Lexus, with cheeseburger.

My next door neighbor has a Lexus, a Starbucks addiction, and a Jack Russell terrier.  Correction, the terrier is no longer with us.  Cause of death:
Everyday the Lexus rolled out at mid morning with the terrier bouncing off leather and headed to McDonalds drive thru to buy the dog a cheeseburger which it ate off the plush carpet of a gleaming white Lexus, next stop the Starbucks window for the driver.  I ask the lady about the dogs eating habits, "oh", she said, "oh that dog won't eat anything but cheeseburgers, I don't buy dog food, won't touch it".   Well, her dog got morbidly obese, couldn't bounce on leather, or out of the Lexus on it's own, or off the porch to crap in the grass.

Now if you want to talk about a beautiful death for meat eaters, I'm talking the gold plated American Dream here, that little dog died eating a cheeseburger on the floor of a Lexus.  Who among you wouldn't want to emulate the terrier?  Just keep eating that junk food, you can always break into a Lexus and die.


  1. Trust me on this, about 5 years of Ronald's crud, 5 mile round trip worth of gas every day, it took over $6,000 to kill it.

  2. The Koreans would have loved to take that fat little doggie from her...


  3. Poor dog, empty calories and bad health for its short life. Exactly the program the Republicans have for the Poor.


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