Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bird killers, it sure as hell ain't windmills.

Canada did a study of bird kills.  Power generating wind turbines did not make the list, they kill only around 2 birds a year each on average.

1. Domestic and feral cats: 200 million
2. Power lines, collisions and electrocutions: 25 million
3. Collisions with houses or buildings: 25 million
4. Vehicle collisions: 14 million
5. Game bird hunting: 5 million
6. Agricultural pesticides 2.7 million
7. Agricultural mowing: 2.2 million young birds, equivalent to one million adult birds
8. Commercial forestry: 1.4 million nests, equivalent to 900,000 adult birds
9. Communications towers: 220,000

The myth promoted by Koch's and their fellow opponents of wind turbines is just that, myth.  There are a few turbines that have whacked a number of birds, but most never hit one.  I spend a few hours with the operating manager of a wind farm in western Kansas, he has 90 turbines.  He said he has never found a bird under one of his yet.  Last year 2 eagles were reported found near towers (somewhere?) in Kansas, 1 had a bullet hole through it, so.....

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