Wednesday, October 9, 2013

That little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.

Rumors in Wichita are the Kochs have sent a memo to the thousands of employees busting their hump for the radical rich duo.  Insurance will continue for another year, after that, maybe not, to be determined.  
So, the insurance plan they are fighting with their Tea Bagger division, the whole Obamacare thing, a year from now they will be using it to increase their own bottom line, dropping all but a hand full of VP types.  This does not surprise me.  It has surprised some of my friends that work for Koch, maybe their light will come on, mine was already at full shine.


  1. The thing that has me scratching my ass lately is where is the profit in keeping millions of people uninsured????

    I can understand Koch brothers dropping the coverage of their employees or buying the coverage thru the exchanges, but I can't understand how anyone can profit from people being denied insurance???

    1. Kulkuri;
      If they could stop it, the profit in it is only the perceived prevention of transfer of wealth, the profit of ego in defeating Obama and the dems, the profit of keeping the common man out of the doctors office where up to now only the "insured class" can enter any time they want. The radical rich and the bulk of the republicans fooled into protecting the wealth of those radical rich hate the poor and minorities and even the returning vets if they stumble in any way into needing help or assistance.


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