Friday, October 11, 2013

"punch'm in the throat, punch'm in the throat" Frank Burns

Not a bad idea maybe.  The GOP is polling at the lowest approval levels ever, ever, fucking ever.  Now is the time to call your congressman and senator, and maybe even your governor and leave a message/tell them like I did this morning.  This whole thing is the Republicans fault, stop it now.  I also told them how I was to be in a national park the last few days, Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn, how it ruined my vacation, how I called all the hotels along the way and told them cancel my stay because the Republicans shut down the government, I told them I would not be buying gas and food and trinkets along the way, all that lost to businessmen caused by the party that claims to be the friend of the businessman.
At this point lady told me that he was doing it to kill Obama care, a good reason he thought.  Not me I said, the more I learn about it the more I understand how much help it will be to people, including my wife who is non insurable, it's Obamacare or nothing.
Do it.  While the poll numbers are scary low, underline what the polls are saying, call them and punch'm in the throat.


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  2. just to share this link

  3. Darrel,
    They are all like my pal Charlie - not listening...
    They are RIGHT and they know it. Right is Right!

    Fuk em...


  4. There was a link to my Congress-Critter's facebook page recently. There were comment after comment saying basically, "Get off your dead ass and open up the government." Also, "Resign because you aren't working for your constituents." There were several hundred comments like these.


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