Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Supreme Court takes up 3 conservative wish's

1) Affirmative Action is coming back this season for another whacking.  Scalia has let it be known that he and his puppet Thomas do not like it, no sir not one bit.
2) Campaign financing is back again too.  The guys that elevated business to human status will now find (I guarantee it) that any restrictions or monitoring on spending by the nations plutocrats is an unfair burden on the radical rich who suffer already so much.
3) and just today, back again from what 2 years ago I guess, the EPA's right to set limits on pollution.

Roberts also is considering cases the Oklahoma law that forces democrats to crawl and squeak like rats if a republican or a rich person is within 500 feet.  As well they may the Kentucky case allowing as much cow and chicken shit as can be packaged with a shrink wrapped hunk of factory meat.  And last, they want to sign off on a new Alabama law, anyone shot by a concealed carry permit holder while firing randomly during a perceived threat or rumors of a robbery somewhere out in the city will be charged with murder if the do-gooders bullet passes through them and into someone else.

Fuck you very much.

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