Thursday, October 10, 2013

I thought the GOP had run out of ways to be cruel.

 Nope, they have more.  Kansas and Indiana just came up with 2 more.
Indiana AG announced he will sue the Federal government to stop providing health insurance in his state.  He feels it is illegal for the Feds to help Hoosiers to find health care and supplement it for the poor.  People dying needlessly in Indiana is the only way to preserve their red-state head up your ass tea bag status.
 Kansas Gov. Pope Brownback is refusing millions from a grant they applied for to offer assistance signing up people for SNAP (food stamps).  The reason, "it's wrong to identify and assist the poor in applying for welfare, Kansan's should not be teaching them this process"(may not be verbatim)

If you can remember, a few years back the GOP made a push that communist bureaucrats should not be doing this, churches should be given the money to do it, after all they are holy and righteous and love the great unwashed masses, let them hand out charity and minister to the prisons and the underachievers.    Here we are today and guess what, they don't want the churches and community groups helping the poor either.  So, a number of Catholic churches, others too, were day away from getting this money now get nothing, the poor they had promised to help, well, steal if you get hungry, thats the only way your going to get by, the job market here is pretty thin and the construction season is passing fast.

Transfer of wealth.  Thats what they see.  They don't see misfortune or affliction, or failure of the education system they have also starved, they see transfer of wealth, and they would rather those people starve and freeze in the weeds  than see them have baby formula or a flu shot partially paid for by by a Republican.


  1. Pence is a Brownback clone - Fuck him...


  2. Just posted abt the "Royal Wine Press"....btw still sculpting???

    1. Pop, still sculpting, have a trio that are not completely finished, pretty sure none of them are going to qualify as masterpieces, maybe next year I will make another winner. I saw the wine press, is that yours?

    2. No not my wine press ...just to illustrate a point .


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