Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It's family values, it's that simple.


  1. Nothing to do with this post but I read a report stating that the suicide rate in Kansas has risen 30%. I expect state government's response there is to condemn 'em to hell and get back to increasing the pressure so more will follow suit.

    1. All kinds of services have been discontinued or reduced. The number of families with disabled kids who access support (medical, therapy, food etc.) has ben reduced. Mental health help cut. Food stamps cut. assistance with heating bills in cold weather cut, the state recently sent back money to the federal government for identifying people in need and showing them how and where to apply saying state should not be in the business of teaching people how to be on welfare. They promote the myth all these people could get a job if they want, they are all lazy. This bright red bible waving state has no empathy or New Testament literacy, none. People who have gone bankrupt, or lost their jobs, or have handicaps or handicapped family members are at their wits end, and the state so fare as I can tell doesn't mind one bit they "off" themselves.

  2. This really isn't a problem for me. Millions of people have to work on the holidays to keep things running so we can have things like water, lights, fire protection, etc.. Or things that run 24/7 because it is too much hassle to shut down and start up again, like paper mills, mining, etc...

    The only thing I would have a problem with is if the stores don't pay the employees extra to work on a holiday.


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