Saturday, October 12, 2013

meet the only guy that still uses a broom

Leaves and wind conspired to randomly decorate my driveway and sidewalk.  I'm OK with that most the time, but I sweep them off from time to time.  "Sweep", as in a push broom, a 2009 model,  cordless, no battery either, it's the silent model, works perfectly by either pushing or pulling.  In a few minutes I can do it all.

I'm out there looking at the sky, the trees, wandering around pushing a broom, enjoying the morning.  VROOOOM!  Down the street a leaf blower screams at a driveway, then across the street a hose trails a guy around as he sprays his drive.  If that blower isn't 100 decebels I'd be amazed.  After a few minutes I'm done.  Blower guy and squirty guy are still at it.  I looked at the bushes and waited, it took blower guy as long as it did me.  It took squirty guy longer and a few hundred gallons maybe.  My electric bill is 100 a month most the time, this month 78, most my neighbors, blower guy for sure, push up against 300 I'm told, and by the way we had a water shortage here this summer.  How do they use so much power, leave the fridge door open all the time?

Am I the only guy left who sweeps his sidewalks and driveway?


  1. No! Mom has three huge friggin maples.....


  2. Years ago, I lived next door to a guy who had a driveway fetish. Maybe his mother was frightened by an asphalt salesman before he was conceived. I don't know. Anyway, each and every day old Fred would be out hosing down his drive, washing all offending matter out to the gutter. Came a particularly dry summer and the local authorities placed restrictions on non-essential water use. But old Fred persisted until one day a police officer showed up and told him, to Fred's absolute astonishment, that hosing down a driveway was NON-ESSENTIAL. Me? I still use a push broom, though I find it works in both directions, pushing and pulling.


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