Thursday, October 10, 2013

Korea stops US beef imports

reality, knee deep in shit and chemicals
mythical view of our meat
Pharmaceuticals, growth hormones, chemicals, prohibited by Korea have been found again in US beef at the port. Again the imports are shut off.
The US beef industry says these things are not harmful, it's legal here and by God it's in every morsel of wonderful meat we eat.  If it wasn't safe then we would be overweight, cancer infested, organ failure ridden specimens of humans.  Oh wait, we are!
These chemicals are also banned in Japan and Europe, all places with longer life spans than the US.
In the last 3 months I had only 1 tiny serving of contaminated beef, I suspect this little swiss steak was 4 or 5 ounces. Full disclosure: 3 meals with salmon, 1 with a chicken breast, total of 5 non vegetarian meals in 3 months, I don't crave it, or miss it.


  1. I don't give much credance to the culinary tastes of people who eat dog and that nasty-ass kimchi! And, for the record: I have eaten both.


    1. You misunderstood the point. Nothing to do with the taste for fermented cabbage or the intelligence of those that eat it. It's about our beef being contaminated with chemicals, drugs, hormones to the point other nations will not buy it. The industry is very lax on this shit, everyone in the industry from the smallest rancher is giving them this shit, maybe they are competent at it maybe not, even if they are the allowed volumes of this shit is over the safety limits of nations who believe in science and caution, but the US has their head up their ass on it. Everyone thinks it's not harmful, or at least the taste of meat is worth playing russian roulette. Plus, the meat lobby, and big drug companies own enough of congress they will not be forced to stop the cancer starters they sell. Because of the industries addiction to this poison they get caught every few months somewhere in the world. Yet, aside from all that, what are we eating?


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