Monday, October 14, 2013

Republicans invite China to run the Pacific

Middle of last week I sold the remaining corn, and all of the soybeans cut a few days ago.  The markets are too jumpy right now with the default only 2 days out.  Swings are quick, and they may take things down hard, I hope not.  I'll take the current price and end the risk.  Since I sold, both prices are down.  I read this morning banks around the world are selling short term US government papers they own.
Also heard on BBC that China officials/diplomats are swarming over Pacific nation government officials at the moment telling them the US is an unreliable partner, they should be looking to China as a world leader now.  It's a big push they see an unguarded door swinging open thanks to the Republicans.  They say the US is turning inward on its self and the people of the Pacific need to understand this.
China is right, but first the people of the US need to understand this.

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