Friday, October 4, 2013

Red state gets what it wanted, but their victory has a down side.

FAA not processing aircraft owner transfers.  In the first 2 days (of the shutdown) a dozen new private/executive jet deliveries scheduled (at 3 to 15 million a copy) did not happen in Wichita.  If the shut down goes 2 weeks it will block 1.2 billion of deliveries.
Military trainers at Beech are waiting further certification on mods, won't happen.
Boeing needs further certification of manufacturing processes on 747's and 787's, won't happen.
Used aircraft owner transfers, won't happen, the plane sets, money probably won't change hands.
Some major maintenance at service centers has to be seen by FAA, won't happen.

For all aircraft builders, if it goes on a few more days buying of material and parts will slow,  suppliers will be told to stop deliveries.

Kansas has 5 major aircraft companies and many suppliers all steeped in GOPism, these guys are getting their wish, shut it down.  I don't think they will like their victory.  Amazingly in a poll here 41% blame GOP, 46% dems, that 41% is really high, scary high maybe for the party who usually faces a soft 30% opposition on any and everything, rightfully they should be looking at near 70% blaming the dems.

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