Friday, October 25, 2013

How many vegetarians are their?

Australia 5%
New Zealand 1 to 2 %
France 2%
Germany 9%
Italy 10%
Netherlands 4.5% with the fastest increase of 25% a year
Sweden 1 to 3%
Switzerland 5%
United Kingdom 3% to 11%
Brazil 8% to 14%
Canada 4%
United States 5% to 7%
Taiwan 13%
Israel 5% with 11% of young boys and 20% of girls now vegi's
India 31%, in some regions it exceeds 55%

Note 1: the variation in some nations due multiple studies with different results.

These polls are not all strictly measuring the same thing, the definitions are personal as to if dairy or an egg is a dis qualifier, nor do we know if people identify themselves as vegetarian yet still like me have a chicken breast or piece of salmon rarely.  What I did not include because it is convoluted information is these studies found in most every country there is a growing number who are inching towards vegetarianism, increasing the number of days they go without meat and reducing the serving size when they do eat meat.
The reasons people go vegetarian or vegan, 1) to improve their overall health, 2) environmental concerns,  3) “ natural approaches to wellness”, 4) food-safety concerns, 5) animal welfare, 6) weight loss, 7) weight maintenance.
A plant based diet with a wide variety of fruit, vegis, nuts, grains, olive or vegitable oils, spices, wine, combined with dialy exercise or 20 minutes walking and the elimination of all sugars except small amounts of molasses and honey) can in most people completely reverse; diabetes, correct cholesterol faster than statins, cut the risk of cancers of every kind, halt the progress of MS, reverse and correct heart disease, cut blood pressure, improve joint pain and slow arthritis, slow progression of dementia, altzhiemers, cut the incidence of bladder infections.  Why?  Meats carry into our bodies many pathogen and chemicals natural and man made that contribute to all those things listed above.  While plants carry natural antibiotics (blueberries and broccoli are the superhero's of this) nutrients and compounds of thousands of types that repair cells, even repair DNA, that stimulate the bodies ability to fight diseases, cancers, and to slow auto-immune actions like arthritis, where literally the body is attacking some part of it's self.  
I had triglycerides of 850, did not fill the prescription for statins, went plant based diet, numbers fell to 450 in 60 days and to 150 in less than a year.  We have been "almost" vegan for about 5 years.  In that time I bet we haven't eaten over 5 pounds of red meat and the last year we stopped almost all other meats eggs and dairy.  The myth is how can you get enough vitamins calcium and protein from plants.  The answer is you get enough of everything if you eat a variety, you may get less protein than before  but you will get enough, vegans do not die from lack of protein but of old age, while their friends die of strokes, cancer, heart attacks.  
I was going to make a list of all the things we ate yesterday, but the list is hugh, and the cost of a vegi diet, if you drop meat, sugar and diary it's about the same.  


  1. That is why your body looked like you walked out of Dachau! Ribs hanging out and gaunt with shrunken eye-balls....

    Should have taken yer old ass to Old Country Buffet instead of Hooters!

    Having finished that taunt - I am going to seek your wise advice on modifying my diet. And, I am not opposed to doing a veggie diet now and then - and shunning red meat.

    I am starting oats for breakfast - 1 November.

    More back channel later....


    1. I have always hated you too. OK, why do the oats have to wait till next Friday? OK whatever, but don't get those little micorwave packages of oats, slimy fucking shit, get some real quaker oats, or some real Irish oatmeal, they don't have anything but oats in them, just oats. Get some some walnuts or almonds and throw a couple spoons of that in it, raisins too and maybe a dash of salt, sprinkle some cinnamon on it, use skim or low fat milk or soy or almond milk. You also need a banana with it, maybe an orange or apple too, no grapefruit for your pill boy. Grapefruit reacts with some pills increasing or decreasing the effect, don't let your mother eat them either, any other citris is OK, I can eat grapefruit because I don't have no fucking pills to swallow.

  2. You leave my Viagra out of this...



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