Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Important election tomorrow in New Jersey

Cory Booker is running for Senate against a tea bagger who is every bit the equal to Sarah Palin crazy. This is a special election for a vacated seat.  The tea bagger started out way down in the polls, but the last week he has leaped forward to around 9 points down, with almost 11% saying they have not made up their minds.  Hard to believe with the baggerepublicans about to crash the economy that NJ is moving towards this turd.
It is expected now that Cory will just squeak to victory by a few points (I hope).  If he does he could be in the Senate voting to open the government by Thursday or Friday.  But.......  I fully expect if it is less than a 5% victory the teapublicans will hold up the certification process as long as possible, maybe with a recount.  If the crazy fuck wins, he will be standing beside Cruzz in the Senate Thursday doing what he said he will do, filibustering.
Cory was so far ahead recently he cut back on his appearances, big mistake at the same time the GOP started running adds that he was making money speaking out of state.  Somehow in a state known for corruption, speaking fees for a black man over state lines disqualifies(???).

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