Monday, October 7, 2013

the GOP shut down downer

In the extended family, we have a NASA Physicist.  He can get into his office if he wants, but the super computer he ties into is turned off.  One (or maybe many I really don't know) of the worlds most powerful instruments ever devised is setting, off, idle, worthless.  Many scientist and industry use it for study of space travel, aerodynamics, weather forecasting, climate change studies and more.  A few days of this and no shit, it is possible more nations will pull ahead of us in some technologies, things move fast now at the leading edge of science.  But, the GOP cares little for being ahead of others with new inventions and discoveries outside of handgun bullet ballistics.

Here's why the GOP and fundamentalist zealots don't like science.  Everything that is true and important is in the bible.  Teach what is given, what is known.  Free thought, progress and new science is outside the bible.  It's that simple.  NASA being shut down is fine for as long as possible, anything to delay another report of warmer temps, or another god damn solar system, or a frigg'n planet with an atmosphere.

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