Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GOP demands

According to some reports, this is all they want, do this and the crisis we created will go away. (list from Think Progress, read article there)  Either  you agree to let us cripple government by granting our demands or we cripple government by starving it, either way the poor and middle class will suffer and the rich, they won't.  Here is the list of demands by the hostage takers, they never list it like this, rather two or three items at a time.
1. A balanced budget amendment [Link]
2. Approving Keystone XL [Link]
3. Eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood [Link]
4. Medicare privatization [Link]
5. Tax reform, as outlined by Paul Ryan [Link]
6. The REINS Act, which would require Congress to approve significant federal regulations [Link]
7. Means-testing Social Security [Link]
8. Defunding Obamacare [Link]
9. Allowing employers to eliminate insurance coverage for birth control [Link]
10. An expansion of off-shore drilling [Link]
11. Preserving all the Bush tax cuts [Link]
12. “Trillions” in budget cuts [Link]
13. Slashing funding for food stamps [Link]
14. Protecting mountaintop strip mining [Link]
15. Stripping the EPA of authority to regulate greenhouse gases [Link]
16. Loosening regulation on coal ash [Link]
17. Delaying Obamacare implementation by one year [Link]
18. Repealing a tax on medical devices [Link]
19. Eliminating Social Service Block Grants [Link]
20. Expanding drilling on federal lands [Link]
21. Restricting the child tax credit [Link]

Just take item #6, Federal organizations make regulations every day.  These dildo's will not, cannot read what is on their plate already, they sure as hell could never read and understand all regulations concerning every form of industry business banking technology science, shit that is a joke.  Instead industry would become the voters even more than now.  Airlines would set on the FAA, watch for a regulation on brake replacement requirements and tell congressman Butt Sniffer to vote no.  It would be worse than just saying lets have no regulations or laws at all on anything, anarchy would be cheaper, at least industry wouldn't have to hire people to watch the FAA and we would save by having no FAA.


  1. Re: FAA. How much control does the FAA have over the maintenance that's done on airline aircraft that's done out of the country. Some airlines will fly aircraft half way around the world because it's cheaper than having the work done here. What control does the FAA have and can the FAA even determine whether or not the work was done, let alone done properly???

    This is a little off topic, but has been a concern of mine for some time now.

    As for the rest of it all I can say is "Never negotiate with terrorists!!!"

    1. I agree with that last statement - the longer this goes on; the worse the bastards will suffer come 2014.



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