Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why does the church sin?

If Jesus said suffer the children to come unto me why does the church send them all to hell if they die unbaptised?  Many parents work quickly to get their newborns baptised in those first hours or days.  But why are some churches so cruel as to promote this?  Is the church the real sinner here?  Or the newborn?  Jesus said they were all to come, yet even St. Augustine speaks of unbaptised children going to hell.  Without cruelty of overwhelming fear and guilt the church cannot exist, if it was only about love and forgiveness, they would have nothing.


  1. When I was in first grade and they first started with my religious 'education' we were told that unbaptized babies can't go to 'heaven' but neither do they go to 'hell.' They go to a place called 'limbo' which was, apparently, just for them. Struck me, at six years old, as very unfair and just plain wrong. Thirty years later I heard that they had gotten rid of the idea of limbo and were looked at, by 'God,' as 'sinless.' Score one for the six year old me.

    1. Limbo, thats a great invention,like hell without the unpleasantness. And now God looks on them as sinless, when did he start that? Has he made apologies for those before this "new" idea? Was he wrong then or now, he is infallable so it has to be he was correct both times. It gets stranger all the time.

    2. I remember hearing my friend Johnny tell me that he had been saved. Is that the sames as saying ten hail Mary's and sin no more?


    3. 'God' didn't change his mind, of course, the Church hierarchy did. They 'misinterpreted' God's will, or something.

      None of it makes any real sense to me, of course ...


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