Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yellowstone, closed?

I have reservations in the Old Faithful lodge in Yellowstone in a few days.  We always wanted to see it as the leaves turned and the snow fell on the peaks.  Mid October they close this lodge and most of the park services, our plan was to be there as the snows of October drive people out.

The radical republicans have taken control of congress, Boehner is among the hostages.  This morning  Yellowstone closed.  If the hostages find a spine they can get it opened again, but they have only a few days before I have to call off the trip, cancel hotel reservations along the trip route (to and from), don't have to hunt restaurants or gas stations or stop at points of interest.  It is going to be a dent in the economy, most of my cash impact would have been in red state Wyoming.  I really did want to see it at the beginning of it's winter.

While the parks and monuments are closed to the public, they do not close to corporations who mine, cut timber, drill for oil and gas.  Corporations are more important than people, therefore not locked out and will continue to vandalize the most beautiful and unusual landscapes in the nation.

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  1. Darrel,
    It is disgusting! I have been ranting and raving all day long....
    Hey, and people are agreeing with me.



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