Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Senator Moran, WTF?

The wife went to the health care . gov sight the first day, already had an account started.  Got in but during the next level she got stalled out and after 40 min. she logged off.  Actually this was pretty encouraging for her.  She wanted to get further and find the price for her insurance, but, she was glad so many were on the sight shopping for insurance.  That must bum out the GOP, that so many are shopping.

It's not to unusual if you go to a super popular site to find it running slow or crashing.  She will try again in a few days.

Moran sent an email saying he voted against obamacare because it is throwing thousands of families off their insurance.  WTF?  You gotta marvel at the gall he lies with.


  1. Jimmy Kimmel did a survey asking folks about "Obamacare" as opposed to the Affordable Care Act and had many people say they preferred the latter to the former. When he told them the two were one and the same, one woman summed up her response thusly, "thanks for making me look stupid." No, Lady, you did that all on your own. Just proves the point though. Attach Obama's name to something and some folks have a knee-jerk reaction.

    1. Mister O,
      But thats not raciial - that is just partisan politics. Don't believe me - ask any Republican/Repealican.


    2. Hi Mr. Ornery, good to hear from you.

  2. Recently I signed a petition that sent a message to my Congress-Critter saying basically stop the bullshit and get the government running again. He sent me a form letter reply saying he was doing everything he could to get the government open again while protecting us from the evils of Obamacare. I sent a reply that ended with, "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!!"


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