Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Republicans cause dollar to fall

Your imports just went up, and since damn near everything you buy is imported, this government shutdown is costing you.
Yen fell today from 98.70 to 98.16 per dollar.  Well that's not much you say.  If you are buying, or selling, a couple dozen 737's, or fighters, a half dozen ship loads of steel, a years worth of washing machines or machinery or frozen fish, which ever way the stuff is moving, we just got hammered, we get less when its leaving and we pay more when we're bringing it in.  That little fraction drop costs the US hundreds of millions of dollars.  
We lost also against the EU and a number of other currencies.  Traders said plainly, the dollars fall is due to the shut down, other currencies are worth more when imbeciles take over your congress.  Hard to predict markets, but I suspect the GOP will continue to increase our competitors net worth.


  1. Let the damage mount!
    The Democrats need to make the Repealicans beg for a conference. And, the President needs to issue and executive order banning alcohol on Capitol Hill.


  2. Foreign terrorists couldn't have done a better job. Teabag politicians...the most scurrilous pack of traitors every to hold public office in this country!

    1. J,
      I am over at www.onedrunkenoldsergeant.blogspot.com.
      And, I agree. These assholes have to go!

      Vote in November 2014....


  3. Sarge, I went over to your site...tried to follow and for some reason it won't let me. Said try again later. I'll try again later. Nice "graphics", btw (and I ain't talking about the cartoons ;-) )

  4. Sarge, I can't follow you either, somehow your account doesn't allow it. Even if I click on Sarge on your comments it goes to a dead end. I have to use other tricks to get to your site.


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