Monday, October 21, 2013

Pushing the willing into their abyss.

"the message amounts to a blunt assertion of fact — in this case, the documented fact that climate scientists overwhelmingly agree. But in light of the research depicted above — as well as some research [PDF] suggesting that political conservatives double down and become stronger in their beliefs when incorrect views are subject to a factual correction".  Borrowed from Grist, for info only, will remove upon request.  
The chart shows how conservatives react (labeled Hierarch Individuals) when shown facts or corrected with scientific data on global warming compared to rest of public.  It's incredible, they clutch their position even harder. 
On evolution, the chart is nearly identical.

This is very interesting to me.  The more we inform conservatives of what we learn, document, prove, and project on global warming the further we push them willingly into their ignorance and stubborness.  And by their efforts they bear an ever increasing share of the guilt for holding back a solution.  I don't know whether to feel sorry for them or to push them harder, it's a no win situation.  

A poll released Sunday of Klansans has 64% believe burning fossil fuel completely harmless.  Thats a little below the margin Repubs win with here.  

Research says a few of these conservatives can be switched by economic arguments.  If for example we show them insurance companies are raising rates and dropping customers in areas where global warming impact is projected to be most severe, some come around to it.  When I work the wind energy booth at local events I don't talk about global warming, only the economics of clean energy, that the new wind farms being built are the lowest priced source of power in the US, they get cheaper every year, with this I sweep up a lot of conservatives to the cause without discussing  polar bears.  Research also says the facts need to be continousley put in front of the public, they do have an effect, slow though it may be.


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