Sunday, October 13, 2013

NASA hacker defense victim of GOP shutdown

The group of cyber defenders at NASA are on laid off right now.  Yet much of NASA is working monitoring space station and so on.  Saw an interview with one of these guys, he said they block intruders every day, and right now he is confident hackers are stealing data and planting bugs at NASA.  Thanks Bonehead, Kruzz, Fux.

Listened to the BBC talk show this morning, round table of economist from different nations.  They said the US is turning in on it's self, the enemy is within, concentration of wealth, lower wages, education ignored.  The US has for 60 years or more given the world stability through the dollar, it is the foundation and currency used in most international business, and now the Congress threatens to crash it and the world markets and many governments and corporations in an attempt to win by disaster what they can't win in elections or public opinion.  They also observed that the US since day one has constantly renewed it's self with immigration filling in gaps in the labor market and spawning one new wave of business and technology after another.  But now one party wants to shut it off, new blood, new ideas, new work ethics, new hunger for a better nation, they want to stop it and have to some extent by both rule of law and hostility in public attitude.  It was an interesting piece.

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  1. Heard them talking on NPR the other day about how the dollar is the world currency. You can go anywhere in the world and buy stuff with dollars. If the Tea-Baggers continue with their stupid bullshit, the world will have a different currency that will be "The" currency people value. It'll be the one used by the "Cheese-eating Surrender Monkeys", the Euro!!


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