Thursday, October 24, 2013

failing as a consumer

Wife's car needs a battery and I need two new dark gray or black dress pants.   The battery is 6 yr old and testing weak, my pants are 10 and have been through so many machine shops and factories they are steeped in oils and smokes and hot metal chips and chemicals, then trips to the cleaners, so their worn thin.   OH.........I really don't like shopping.


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    1. Thank you Sarge for the kind and soothing words. I pray one day you will oversee a harem of 6 foot redheads in a tropical garden full of plush pillows and beer kegs.

  2. The battery in my truck died last Winter and I finally got around to replacing it the other week. I had another battery that I was able to use even tho it wasn't the right one. The Old Lady's car battery died almost a year ago and it's still using another battery that I had for my plowtruck. It too wasn't quite right but was able to hook it up. Now I need to find a new battery for the car as I need the battery for the plowtruck now that I got it running again. The main reason I haven't bought a new battery for the car is no store seems to have the right one in stock.

  3. Batteries suck that's all there is to it. What are a couple of your favorite vegan dishes?

    1. OF, I will list a few favorite dishes soon.


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