Thursday, October 31, 2013

A friend signed up for Obamacare

Friend of the wife got signed up.  She has a good income, not eligible for any discount subsidy so she just called up BlueCross and bam she is ready to go.  They will give her a certificate of insurance to use if she needs to, I don't know, maybe you send it in with your tax return.
BlueCross told her that anyone can sign up through an insurance provider rather than the government sites, but if you are eligible for subsidy you have to use the certificate to get it through some exercise, again I don't know how but it can be done.
People, especially if you are not going to get a subsidy (somewhere around a 50k or 60k income level) you can just do it on your own now.  For the friend, she had a pre-existing condition from surgery 10 years ago that has kept her from having insurance ever since.  This is a good deal, she is thrilled.

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  1. Darrel,
    Good for your wife! However, as a former BC/BS (Anthem in Indiana) agent I had some serious issues with Blue Cross/No Shield and after consulting with my Chicago office - I dumped them and put everyone with United Health Care.
    Kansas has to have a Dept of Insurance - Contact them if you have issues.



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