Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Texas and Kansas bring back Jim Crow

Texas passed a law used the first time yesterday that will prevent 20 to 25% of women from voting, they will be marked as voter fraud cases.  All their names must jive on state paperwork, drivers licenses, voter rolls, etc.  At least 20% of women have on some of these papers a maiden name, hyphenated or a divorce remarriage name issue.  This is a nightmare to correct, dig up or buy a new birth certificate, marriage licenses, divorce papers etc.  This is clearly a law, as was Jim Crow, to prevent an unwanted element from voting.  Girls, your not wanted, especially, and this law just came about, especially with the Wendy Davis appeal to young women.

Kansas has constructed two voting populations for it's Jim Crow effort.  One can register for Federal offices and vote according to Federal Law, along with all those cheaters and vote fraud guys and perverts.  The other class of voters, for state and local, must supply a ream of documents to weed out the Meskins coming here to vote the UN into power.  In this class of voters we now have 20,000  suspended, but not necessarily notified that they are marked as fraud guys trying to overthrow the religious state of Klansas.  To get unsuspended they must bring in their great grandmothers pedigree, otherwise they will be pepper sprayed on the church steps*.

Fuck Texas, and Fuck Kansas

*Klansas took voting out of schools, fire stations, court houses, public buildings a few years ago and put it all in churches, the churchs get a few dollars pay for this, just one more example of Pope Brownbacks theocracy and tax money transfer to the zealots.  Research shows a few will not vote in certain churches, and school bond yes votes are 1-2% lower held in churches than in public property.


  1. The Klan is all for this voting law, they know what it means. Klansas,
    I want the Buddhist temple and the Mosque to apply to be a polling station, seems fair to me.


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